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5/27/2018 7:10:31 PM

Tattoos on Pigs

 Tattooed Oinkers

I understand pet jewelry at some point, but when it comes to tattooing them I’m like WTF… After taking a look at some of the freakiest tattoos a guy can have, we’re going to focus on these cool, bad-ass oinkers with some seriously mean tattoos. Several artists, probably vegetarian, have decided to tattoo these animals as a publicity stunt for a few farms. In case you’re a PETA activists, know that the pigs don’t feel a thing since they’re sedated and they’re less likely to be butchered since they’re an art piece now.        





What is it for ?


Jesus on the body of a pig, Do Chinese people really understand what does the tattoo mean? Propably Caltholicism not really appreciate in this art


This tattoo is more arty, blue junge with monkeys and roses 



Cinderella looks nice on a white pig`s ass 

Superman is fighting in the zoo and Micky Mouse is hung on the cross ? sounds hilarous but colorful 


Hard working, 6 employees on a white pig   


Chinese`s religion in Buddhism, believes that Carp can bring luck

Uhm....Really sexy   but dont understand the meaning of this art








This tattoo is awesome






















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