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5/27/2018 7:14:01 PM

Indian BOYS become GIRLS


In India a number of occasions, weddings and funerals can often see some wearing colorful "sari", of the heavy makeup, but there are still many men look at his face features dancers. This is "God's dancers "---" Haijilasi"  they are a special group in Indian society ... ...

Traditionally, a number of boys 10-15 years of age, after being castrated as a "Haijilasi", "Haijilasi" emasculated a variety of reasons. Because many people are born with two sets of male and female reproductive organs of Health been castrated; there are many physically male, but they do have women's awareness, so the voluntary acceptance of a sex change operation.


These Indian men below are  "Haijilasi", they went to the hospital (even the smallest rural hospitals) to accept a sex change operation. Many "Haijilasi" only casually looking for a place with a dirty knife to solve the problem to become  a woman.   

See more of thier pictures after break

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